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Full Chemical and Microbiological quality testing.
Quality cannot be outsourced. This is the main focus of our project at A2W Pharma, and we are making sure that our process is completely under control, by relying on full chemical testing (GC-MS, LC-MS MS, ICP-MS, HPLC, GC) as well as a fully compliant microbiology laboratory. This independence provides control over the complete process, from raw biological material to in-process controls, to finished products and packaging.  The lab also manages its own stability chambers for ongoing and accelerated studies of various materials and products.

Super critical CO2 Extraction
At A2W, we have invested heavily in the latest Supercritical fluid technology with the main advantages being the tunability of their properties as solvent, supercritical CO2 or SC-CO2 extraction processes present an important advantage over low pressure methods, i.e., the selectivity of supercritical CO2 can be adjusted by varying temperature and pressure to obtain fractions containing specific compounds. Since the enhanced solubility effect is selective, a supercritical fluid can form the basis of a system for separating components of mixtures. At the same time, vapor pressure effects are also enhanced.The recovery of extracts concentrated in target compounds, even during the extraction process, can lead to a product with high economic value and simplify subsequent fractionation steps.

GMP processing and filling lines
Whilst deeply focused on research of novel processes, at A2W Pharma, we are also prepared to produce high quality liquid formulations in full compliance with EU GMP, and most importantly, at the right scale and condition to cater for any demand. All equipment is fully automated and connected to state of the art SCADA PLC to ensure full process control using the latest integrated digital platforms, and compliance to CFR21 Part 11.

Breakthrough innovation via dedicated R&D Lab.
Making full use of the group’s technical capabilities across the globe, from ABA Chemical’s R&D facility in Shanghai, to our research partners in Canada and US, A2W is working to be at the forefront, be it process development, analytical development, pre-formulation testing, process troubleshooting, our R&D team is focused on generating the most advanced, optimised and cost effective techniques for obtaining, isolating and processing active substances and related molecules.
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