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1. Purpose

The purpose of this document is to summarise how personal data is processed for online users to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR 2016/679)

2. Scope

This scope of this document is for the online customer of Amino Chemicals Ltd. (the Company).

3. Policy

3.1. Our role in your privacy

  1. If you are an Amino Chemicals customer then you most likely have provided us, and will provide us in the future, with your personal data. We hope that this policy will help you understand what we do with your data and show you how trustworthy we are.

3.2. Our responsibilities

  1. It is our responsibility to ensure that we handle your data lawfully, and more importantly, securely. It is also your job to inform yourself on everything we do with your data, which is why you are reading this policy.

3.3. Your responsibilities

  1. Ensure that you read this and inform yourself about our data processing activities.
  2. If you provide us with personal data about other people, or if others give us your data, we will only use that information for the specific reason for which it was provided to us.
  3. Luckily, we do not handle a large amount of your data, nor do we ask too much from you either, which keeps this policy short and sweet.

3.4. When and how we collect your data

  1. From the first moment you interact with Amino Chemicals, we are collecting data. Sometimes you provide us with data, sometimes its obtained automatically.
  2. The only data collected automatically are through the cookies on our website, so please read the cookie policy.

3.4.3. You give us the rest of the data when you:

  • Have any general enquiries
  • Apply for a job

You can opt to give us this information via our website, over the phone, in an email or even face to face.

3.5. What data do we collect?

  • Contact details:
    Name and surname, email address, phone number.
  • Data that identifies you:
    Anything you may write in the “Introduction/Comments” field in the “Contact Us” page.
  •  Data on how you use
    Cookie data, website statistics and analytics. Please read the cookie data for the full list.

3.6. How and why we use your data

The new General Data Protection Regulation means that we can only use your data for certain purposes and for those reasons we must have a lawful basis to use said data. We obtain your personal data for the following purposes:

3.6.1. General queries and customer support

The only information we require of you when managing your queries are basic contact details and your message. We need this to be able to reply and solve any issues you might have.

Legal basis for processing: Legitimate interest.

3.6.2. Marketing purpose

We do not process any of your data for marketing in any way. Should we ever decide to change this, rest assured that we will not process your data for marketing without your consent.

Legal basis for processing: Consent.

3.6.3. Applying for a job

If you would like to submit your CV/Resume for a job application, we would need some of your data, such as work experience and education background, and more. That being said, there are some categories of personal data that we do not need and would never use to aid in the decision making. Please read the Candidate Privacy Policy to understand how we process job applications.

Legal basis for processing: Legitimate interest.

3.6.4 Improving

The two areas in which we gather data to improve aminochemicals are through our cookies and through any reviews you may leave on our social media pages.

Legal basis for processing: Legitimate interest.

3.7. What do these legal basis’ mean?

  1. Legitimate interest:
    Processing data is necessary for our legitimate interest to fulfil our services and satisfy our customers.
  2. Consent:
    Processing data is only allowed after obtaining our customers’ consent.

3.8. Your privacy choices

  1. You can choose not to provide us with personal data.
    If you choose to do this, you are still allowed to use our website, but we might not be able to resolve any requests without obtaining your data.
  2. You can turn off cookies in your browser by changing its settings.
    You can block cookies by changing some settings in your browser, and you can also delete certain cookies. This will still allow you to use our website, but you might not be able to access its full functionality and features.

3.9. Your rights

  1. You can exercise your rights by sending us an email at

You have the right to:

  • Be informed of everything we do with your personal data.;
  • Request a copy of all the personal data we may hold on you;
  • Rectify any personal data you may have previously give us;
  • Request that we erase the personal data we may hold on you (this is not an absolute right, as we may be bound by certain legal obligations to retain your data for a certain period of time);
  • Restrict processing of your personal data (although you understand that restricting processing may lead to our inability to fulfil a request);
  • Request us to provide a copy of your personal data we may hold on you to another food and beverage handling organisation of your choice.
  • Object to us using your personal data (again you understand that objecting to processing your personal data may lead to our inability to fulfil a request).
  • Further rights referring to any automated decision-making and profiling. It’s important that you know that we do not use any automated decision-making tools and/or systems.

3.10. How secure is the data we collect?

We keep all digital data secure in an encrypted and password protected server with limited access to authorised personnel only, as well as our physical data in a locked cabinet. We have adequate levels of security appropriate to our company’s infrastructure and security framework.

3.11. Keep in mind

Unfortunately, data transmitted over the internet is not always 100% safe and secure and it’s very difficult to guarantee such security, and although we take all necessary precautions to ensure your data is safe, be aware that you provide us with your data at your own risk. If you ever think or believe that your data might have been breached, then please contact us immediately on

3.12. How long do we store your data?

Besides our cookies, we store your contact data for three (3) months after we have helped resolve any queries, and CVs for three (3) months after we have chosen a candidate, since you may be able to fullfill another position.

3.13. Third parties who process your data

We partner with third parties who run and host our website and power our emails. It is sometimes necessary for us to share your data with these third parties, however it is only ever done in order for our online services to work well and be improved. We take appropriate steps to make sure that your data is processed securely and in accordance with this policy.

3.14. Helping us make this great.

Great job and well done for getting to the bottom of this document. We have designed this to be as transparent, informative, clear and useful as possible. We also welcome feedback from our customers to help us improve our services and make our words more informative for you. We try our best to make sure that this, and any other policy related to your personal data, is as up to date as possible, therefore we frequently upload our updated policy on our website, so please do not make this the last time you read this policy. If you’ve got any queries about your data please email us on

3.15. Website Operation

The company reserves the right to change, add, suspend, cancel remove or otherwise modify this and any other policy at any time without prior notice.

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